How to secure your Facebook account with two-factor authentication
Tutorial on how to secure your Facebook account using two-factor authentication or 2FA.... continue reading
{ updated: 2022-07-08 }
Cryptocurrency Heists in 2022
Blog post about cryptocurrency heists in 2022. This will be updated through the end of 2022.... continue reading
{ updated: 2022-06-25 }
How to send email from Gmail with PHP
Tutorial on how to send email from a Gmail account using Google's SMTP server and Postfix.... continue reading
{ updated: 2022-06-24 }
Install Visual Studio Code for Python development
Tutorial on how to install Visual Studio Code for development in Python. This includes installing of plugins.... continue reading
{ updated: 2022-06-22 }
Working with JSON in Python
How to work with JSON in Python using the json module. Includes serialization and deserialization, dumps() and loads()... continue reading
{ updated: 2022-05-30 }
ACSL Intermediate Division
Blog post about how to coach your ACSL Intermediate Division club.... continue reading
{ updated: 2022-01-27 }
Kill A Watt Energy Monitor Review
Review of Kill-A-Watt energy monitor. I have had mine for over a decade.... continue reading
{ updated: 2022-01-23 }
Wyze Outdoor Plug Review
My unbiased review of the Wyze Outdoor Plug. The TL;DR version is this is an awesome smart plug.... continue reading
{ updated: 2022-01-04 }
Python script to show live video using RTSP
Python script that connects to a Wyze camera and streams live video on RTSP.... continue reading
{ updated: 2021-09-22 }
How to Install git 2.32 on Raspberry Pi
Tutorial on how to install Git 2.32 on a Raspberry Pi.... continue reading
{ updated: 2021-08-12 }

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