Add Amazon Affiliate ID to Product Link

This program adds an affiliate ID to an Amazon product URL. This is useful if people want to support an Amazon seller, but forgot to click on their referral link which contains the affiliate ID.


example: pypypy-20, put any valid affiliate ID

Results: Amazon Product URL with Affliate ID

Why do I need to add this affiliate ID to the URL?

If you are supporting an Amazon Affiliate by including their Amazon Affiliate ID in the product links, this tool will help you do just that.

How do I do add the affiliate ID?

The short answer is by finding the affiliate ID, which is a small piece of code created by the Amazon Affliate guy. You then add tag=AFFILIATE_ID to the end of the link where AFFILIATE_ID is that person's actual affiliate ID. If it is the first parameter, use ? or else use & before the tag parameter.