How to check Facebook Login History and Activity
Blog post about checking who last used your Facebook account, along with the IP address, browser details and locations.... continue reading
How to see your Yahoo! Mail log activity
This is how to check if your Yahoo! Mail has been compromised or hacked. You can see the history of the last 20 login attempts... continue reading
How to force Comcast IP address to change
How to force Comcast IP address to change when using a Linksys router... continue reading
How to send text messages for free from your email account
How to send SMS through email. This works only in the United States and Canada, and will be extended to other countries soon.... continue reading
How to secure your Facebook account with two-factor authentication
Tutorial on how to secure your Facebook account using two-factor authentication or 2FA.... continue reading
Cryptocurrency Heists in 2022
Blog post about cryptocurrency heists in 2022. This will be updated through the end of 2022.... continue reading
How to send email from Gmail with PHP
Tutorial on how to send email from a Gmail account using Google's SMTP server and Postfix.... continue reading
Install Visual Studio Code for Python development
Tutorial on how to install Visual Studio Code for development in Python. This includes installing of plugins.... continue reading
ACSL Intermediate Division
Blog post about how to coach your ACSL Intermediate Division club.... continue reading

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