DIY TV Antenna for HD and SD Channels
Our successful experiment with creating a DIY TV antenna to get HD channels... continue reading
How to install and setup a Minecraft Server
Tutorial on installing and setting up a Minecraft server on your computer.... continue reading
How to change a license plate frame
How to change a license plate frame. This example shows how to do it on a Honda Odyssey 2014 model. You will need M6 screws.... continue reading
Modify column name in SQLite
Blog post on how to change a column name or modify column data type in SQLite.... continue reading
Generate Self-Signed SSL certificate using OpenSSL in one line
How to create self-signed SSL certificate in one command. This generates ssl certificate and key.... continue reading
Scammed? How to complain if you are a victim of fraud on the Internet.
Resources to complain to if scammed on the Internet. List of phone numbers, URLs and addresses of law enforcement agencies.... continue reading
Python script to tweet your Internet speed
This is a Python program that tweets your Internet speed to your Twitter account.... continue reading
American Computer Science League (ACSL)
This is a blog post about tips on how to coach your ACSL club and make learning fun for your students.... continue reading
Time lapse of the Sun at NASA's Solarium
Solarium at NASA is a room where you can see time lapse videos of the sun in different wavelengths, from extreme ultraviolet to visible light.... continue reading
Free Heroku Alternatives
Heroku is removing their free product plans and inactive accounts. This is a list of Heroku alternatives with free plans. Includes AWS, Google App Engine (Google Cloud) and others.... continue reading

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