About Me


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My name is Arul and I'm the creator and maintainer of this website.

I work as a principal software engineer at NASA. In my spare time, I maintain this website and update my blog.

History of ArulJohn.com

I started this website in Fall 2000 with the IP address tracking tool that helps you look up IP addresses.

I added the MAC address lookup utility and subsequently couple of dozen other utilities.

I also wrote several articles and blogged here.

You may look at my code section for code samples and my GitHub profile.

My Background

I've programmed since 1988-1989 when I was in the 8th grade. We didn't have Computer Science in school at that time in India, so it was all self-learnt. I began with BASIC and moved on to C, Java, Perl, .NET and other languages and frameworks. Along the way, I picked a couple of Masters degrees in Computer Science.


I work with these programming languages and frameworks at work and personal projects.

✅ Python: Python is an amazing language and I use it for most things these days. I teach Python to elementary school kids who are in my ACSL and USACO classes. I am writing a book on Python for elementary school kids, so stay tuned!

✅ Java: The first time I used Java was from the 1.0 days, and used it a lot academically. However, I was never much into Java into my professional career. For more than a decade, I did not use Java. For my current job, I have started using Java again.

✅ Node.JS I have started using NodeJS (with Express) at work and love it.

✅ Go (Golang) Go is a super fast language and I use it for developing web services. Most of my Go webservices use SQLite or Postgres databases and can be up to 20 times faster than the Python equivalent.

✅ Rust I have started using Rust for a few of my personal projects.

✅ PHP: PHP is underrated, but I love this language. I use it mostly for personal use or for clients who are on shared web hosting.

✅ Ruby: Ruby is a beautiful language and I used it for several years. I started with Sinatra and stuck on to Rails. I do not use Ruby anymore.


I use Postgres, MongoDB, MySQL, SQLite on varying levels and depending on the situation and dataset sizes.

Contact Me

If you want to contact me, my email address is arulbOsutkNiqlzziyties@gNqmaizl.bkcom.