Existing Terms and Update Scam
New scam on Facebook that goes by 'Existing Terms and Update' and targets Facebook Page admins. Scammers and spammers continue to fool people into clicking on malicious links.... continue reading
{ updated: 2024-04-01 }
Scammed? How to complain if you are a victim of fraud on the Internet.
Resources to complain to if scammed on the Internet. List of phone numbers, URLs and addresses of law enforcement agencies.... continue reading
{ updated: 2024-04-01 }
Which websites use Ezoic, Mediavine and Raptive ad networks?
Blog post to find which websites use Ezoic, Mediavine and Raptive ad networks. This includes commands as well as a list of all websites using them.... continue reading
{ updated: 2024-03-26 }
How to Make DNS Queries over HTTPS using Curl
Tutorial on how to make DNS queries over HTTPS using the DoH protocol. You do not need dig installed. ... continue reading
{ updated: 2024-03-10 }
How to install Python 3.12.2 on Debian 11 bullseye
Tutorial on installing Python 3.12.2 on Debian 11 bullseye from source. This involves configure, make and altinstall... continue reading
{ updated: 2024-03-02 }
How to Download and Extract URLs from Sitemaps using the Command Line
This blog post shows you how to download and extract URLs from a Google XML sitemap and do other things from the command line. We will use curl and wget.... continue reading
{ updated: 2024-02-28 }
How to Shorten Amazon Product Links
Links to Amazon products can be very long and look like spam. This blog post shows you how to remove the extra fluff and use only what is required.... continue reading
{ updated: 2024-02-28 }
USACO Palindrome Game Problem
My Python solution for the USACO February 2024 Bronze Division "Palindrome Game" problem. Includes the problem solving logic.... continue reading
{ updated: 2024-02-27 }
Codeforces Moving Chips Problem in Python and C++
My Python and C++ solutions for the Codeforces "Moving Chips" problem 1923A. Includes the problem solving logic and speed benchmarks.... continue reading
{ updated: 2024-02-24 }
ACSL Data Structures: Stack and Queue
Blog post about ACSL data structures. We will look at creation of stacks and queues and operations.... continue reading
{ updated: 2024-02-23 }

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