How to install and setup a Minecraft Server
Tutorial on installing and setting up a Minecraft server on your computer.... continue reading
{ updated: 2023-01-01 }
How to change a license plate frame
How to change a license plate frame. This example shows how to do it on a Honda Odyssey 2014 model. You will need M6 screws.... continue reading
{ updated: 2022-11-22 }
Modify column name in SQLite
Blog post on how to change a column name or modify column data type in SQLite.... continue reading
{ updated: 2022-10-18 }
Generate Self-Signed SSL certificate using OpenSSL in one line
How to create self-signed SSL certificate in one command. This generates ssl certificate and key.... continue reading
{ updated: 2022-10-16 }
Python script to tweet your Internet speed
This is a Python program that tweets your Internet speed to your Twitter account.... continue reading
{ updated: 2022-10-13 }
American Computer Science League (ACSL)
This is a blog post about tips on how to coach your ACSL club and make learning fun for your students.... continue reading
{ updated: 2022-09-22 }
Time lapse of the Sun at NASA's Solarium
Solarium at NASA is a room where you can see time lapse videos of the sun in different wavelengths, from extreme ultraviolet to visible light.... continue reading
{ updated: 2022-09-09 }
Free Heroku Alternatives
Heroku is removing their free product plans and inactive accounts. This is a list of Heroku alternatives with free plans. Includes AWS, Google App Engine (Google Cloud) and others.... continue reading
{ updated: 2022-09-02 }
What is a MAC Address? Everything about MAC addresses
Introduction to MAC addresses. MA-L, MA-M and MA-S blocks, OUI, OUI-36, IAB, MAC address in binary, MAC address cloning.... continue reading
{ updated: 2022-08-31 }
What is an IP Address?
Basic article about IP addresses, IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, subnetting, broadcast and multicast, IP addresses in email headers and so on. This was written from a beginner's perspective.... continue reading
{ updated: 2022-08-24 }

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