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Existing Terms and Update Scam
New scam on Facebook that goes by 'Existing Terms and Update' and targets Facebook Page admins. Scammers and spammers continue to fool people into clicking on malicious links.... continue reading
{ updated: 2024-04-01 }
Scammed? How to complain if you are a victim of fraud on the Internet.
Resources to complain to if scammed on the Internet. List of phone numbers, URLs and addresses of law enforcement agencies.... continue reading
{ updated: 2024-04-01 }
Which websites use Ezoic, Mediavine and Raptive ad networks?
Blog post to find which websites use Ezoic, Mediavine and Raptive ad networks. This includes commands as well as a list of all websites using them.... continue reading
{ updated: 2024-03-26 }
How to Shorten Amazon Product Links
Links to Amazon products can be very long and look like spam. This blog post shows you how to remove the extra fluff and use only what is required.... continue reading
{ updated: 2024-02-28 }
How to Delete Connections on LinkedIn Without Them Knowing
Tutorial on how to delete existing connections on LinkedIn without them knowing and without your visit being recorded as a profile visit.... continue reading
{ updated: 2024-01-23 }
Common Scams Targeting Senior Citizens
List of top scams targeting the elderly senior citizens.... continue reading
{ updated: 2023-08-20 }
DIY TV Antenna for HD and SD Channels
Our successful experiment with creating a DIY TV antenna to get HD channels... continue reading
{ updated: 2023-01-28 }
How to change a license plate frame
How to change a license plate frame. This example shows how to do it on a Honda Odyssey 2014 model. You will need M6 screws.... continue reading
{ updated: 2022-11-22 }