Windows Hacks, Tips and Tricks
This page contains Windows hacks and many tips on how to do things that are traditionally not displayed in the usual options in Windows.... continue reading
SSI Includes
How to embed CGI files and other files in HTML files using SSI includes.... continue reading
.htaccess tutorial with mod_rewrite
Using and editing .htaccess file for configurations. .... continue reading
Installing X Window on Debian
Installing X Window and Window Manager on Debian. Xorg.... continue reading
Installing a webcam in Linux
Installing a webcam and setting up a live webcam site in Debian GNU/Linux.... continue reading
My Linux Settings and Configuration Files
My Linux box settings are listed here, they include configuration files tcshrc, xmodmap, grub.conf, init.d files.... continue reading
Changing file system from Ext2 to Ext3 in Debian
How to upgrade file system in Linux, How to install Debian Linux on your computer.... continue reading
Installing Multimedia in Debian
Multimedia, Infrared, Bluetooth in Debian GNU/Linux.... continue reading
File transfer using Linux or Unix
File transfer programs to use in Linux or Unix.... continue reading
Installing the networking in Debian
Installing the networking in Debian Linux. .... continue reading

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