How to Find SSL Certificate Expiration Date
This blog post shows how to find the SSL certification expiration date. This works for both remote websites and certificates stored locally.... continue reading
{ updated: 2023-10-13 }
Python for Kids: a 30-Day Roadmap
This blog post is about a rough timeline on how to teach Python to kids. This includes a list of topics to teach core Python for school age. The suggested Python version is 3.10 and above, preferably the latest 3.11.5.... continue reading
{ updated: 2023-10-13 }
10 Gallon Blue Diamond Shrimp Tank
How to set up a 10 gallon shrimp tank with no filter, no heater and no water changes. Not Walstad, but close, and with lots of plants.... continue reading
{ updated: 2023-10-13 }
ACSL Junior Division
Blog post about how to coach your ACSL Junior Division club. This is our fourth year coaching ACSL and second year coaching ACSL Junior Division... continue reading
{ updated: 2023-10-13 }
Why Are There Traffic Advice 404 Errors in My Web Server Logs?
This blog post shows you how to handle 404 not found errors for the file /.well-known/traffic-advice in your Nginx or Apache web server logs.... continue reading
{ updated: 2023-10-01 }
How to Install Raspbian / Raspberry Pi OS Lite Debian 11 bullseye on Raspberry Pi Zero and Zero 2 W using Terminal
Tutorial on using Terminal for installing Raspbian / Raspberry Pi OS Lite (Debian 11) bullseye on Raspberry Pi Zero W and Zero 2 W. This also works for other Raspberry Pi versions.... continue reading
{ updated: 2023-09-24 }
How to install Raspberry Pi OS bullseye on a Raspberry Pi Zero or Zero 2 W using rpi-imager
Blog post on installing Raspberry Pi OS bullseye Debian 11 on a Raspberry Pi Zero or Zero 2 W. Most of these instructions should work on a regular Raspberry Pi as well.... continue reading
{ updated: 2023-09-22 }
How to Convert Your Wired Printer to Wireless Using Raspberry Pi
Blog post on how to use a Raspberry Pi to convert your wired non-wireless printer to a Wi-Fi printer using CUPS and AirPrint. Wirelessly print from your iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices to your printer.... continue reading
{ updated: 2023-09-16 }
How to check Facebook Login History and Activity
How to find who last logged in and used your Facebook account, along with the IP address, browser details and locations. If your Facebook account has been hacked or you suspect someone is accessing your Facebook account without your knowledge.... continue reading
{ updated: 2023-08-30 }
What to Pack When Traveling to The Philippines: The Ultimate Checklist
List of important and optional things to take with you when you are packing to visit the Philippines. This is based on our multiple trips to the Philippines over the years.... continue reading
{ updated: 2023-08-29 }

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