Kill A Watt Energy Monitor Review
Review of Kill-A-Watt energy monitor. I have had mine for over a decade.... continue reading
Wyze Outdoor Plug Review
My unbiased review of the Wyze Outdoor Plug. The TL;DR version is this is an awesome smart plug.... continue reading
Python script to show live video using RTSP
Python script that connects to a Wyze camera and streams live video on RTSP.... continue reading
How to Install git 2.32 on Raspberry Pi
Tutorial on how to install Git 2.32 on a Raspberry Pi.... continue reading
ACSL Junior Division
Blog post about how to coach your ACSL Junior Division club. This is our fourth year coaching ACSL and second year coaching ACSL Junior Division... continue reading
How to Rename Local and Remote Git Branch
Tutorial on how to rename local and remote git branches... continue reading

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