How to change a license plate frame

Published on November 22, 2022

You just bought a new license plate frame for your Honda Odyssey and want to install it. These are instructions on how to replace your existing license plate frame with the new one.

How to change license plate frame in Honda Odyssey

The first thing you do is check if it is legal to install or change license plate frames. Different states have their own laws about license plate frames. In Virginia, license plate frames are legal as long as the frame or decal does not obscure the license number and other wordings.

Section ยง 46.2-712. Requirements of license plates and decals

Honda Odyssey 2014

This blog post is specific to Honda Odyssey 2014 and above. The screws got rusted over the last 8 years. It would be a good idea to buy new screws. Unfortunately, the Honda manual does not state which screws to use to use as replacement while changing the license plate frame.

Purchase a license plate frame

I bought a license plate frame from the gift shop at my work location. This is a two-hole model with holes on the top. The goal is to replace only the rear license plate frame.

After you get the license plate frame, check that the position of the hole matches with the hole in the license plate frame.

What you need

You will need these:

  • New license plate frame
  • M6 screws from Lowes or Home Depot
  • IKEA hex key wrench
  • Pliers

Tools to replace

Purchase M6 1.0 x 16mm screws

I bought a 2-pack M6 1.0 x 16mm screws from Lowes. This is specifically for the rear license plate. If you want to replace the front license plate frame, you could buy M6 1.0 x 12mm screw, because there is lesser room for the screw. If the screw is too long, the license plate and frame will rattle all the time.

Get an IKEA hex wrench or pliers

The Honda Odyssey license plate frame uses M6 screws. Make sure you have pliers or an IKEA hex key wrench. It will either be Z-shaped or L-shaped.

Remove the existing license plate frame

Using the hex key wrench, remove the existing license plate frame.

If the existing screw is rusted, use caution and more care to get it off. You do not want to break anything.

Attach the new license plate frame

Align the new license plate frame to the newly exposed area and screw it in using the M6 screws and hex key wrench. Make sure it is tight, or else it will rattle as the car moves.

Additional tips

  1. If the old screw is too rusted and you cannot remove it, apply some coconut oil around the screw. That will loosen it and it will eventually be easy to unscrew it.

  2. If you do not find M6 screw in Lowes or Home Depot, see if there are alternate screws with similar thread dimensions. I had a hard time finding the right kind of screw because it was not documented in the Honda Odyssey handbook.

  3. If the license plate is rattling, tighten the M6 screw. You can also pad the bottom of the license plate with foam stickers.

  4. If you want to replace the front license plate, you will need M6 screws which are shorter. Depending on your model, verify the length of the existing M6 screw and buy one of the right length. Having a screw that is too long will cause rattling.

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Published on November 22, 2022