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How to force Comcast IP address to change

Published on 13 January 2011

comcast cable If you use Comcast Cable Internet service, you've probably noticed that the IP address hasn't changed for over a year and even though Comcast service tech support says your IP is dynamic, it's really pretty much static (saving you the $7.99 static IP fee).

For some reason, if you need to change your external IP address, Comcast support will tell you to do a power cycle which is basically:

Unfortunately, this doesn't work most of the time when you're behind a router (Linksys WRT-54G in my case). Comcast insists that your IP is changed, but a quick check of my IP address shows that my IP is still the same.

The real solution to this is to change the MAC address of your WAN device in your router configuration:

DISCLAIMER: The solution involves changing your MAC address. If you mess up your modem or router, do at your own risk. I'm not liable for anything.

NOTE: If you still cannot change your IP address, let me know. Note that I do not offer technical support of any kind and all my responses will be voluntary.

Created on 13 January 2011

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