Configuring Nginx web server
Configuring Nginx web server. nginx.conf tweaks.... continue reading
Installing Nginx web server
Installing Nginx web server for Debian/Ubuntu/RedHat Linux.... continue reading
How to rescue your files if Windows is busted
Rescue your important files if Windows is corrupted. Burn to CD or transfer to a remote location using System Rescue CD, Scp,Xfburn,gparted.... continue reading
Solaris Commands
Some frequently used Solaris commands. Useful for System Administrators.... continue reading
Hacking your Linksys WRT54G Wireless-G Router with DD-WRT firmware
How to hack the Linksys WRT54G or WRT54GL Wireless-G router and install DD-WRT firmware.... continue reading
How to remove CTRL M characters
This is a tutorial on how to remove the Control-M character ^M at the end of line. This usually happens when you save the file in Windows.... continue reading
How to use the HTTP commands GET and HEAD
How to use GET and HEAD commands on the command line.... continue reading
How to compress your webpages
How to compress webpages using gzip or deflate. Apache, Nginx, Lighttpd web servers.... continue reading
Test for SSL version
How to test for SSL version.... continue reading
Shell script to read several conf files and create archives
Shell script to read several conf files and create archives... continue reading

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