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GRE Word List

This is a list of approximately 4,800 words commonly used in the GRE.

Spring Vocabulary In English

Today's GRE Word is


state of being married

Random words
stunmake unconscious or numb as by a blow; amaze; astound
compulsioncompelling; strong desire that is difficult to control; irresistible impulse
habituateaccustom or familiarize; addict
choreographyart of representing dances in written symbols; arrangement of dances
credentialevidence concerning one's authority; written proof of a person's position; Ex. The new ambassador presented his credentials to the court.
neologismnew or newly coined word or phrase
fermentationchemical reaction that splits complex organic compounds; unrest; agitation
impietyirreverence; lack of respect for God or piety
crevicecrack; fissure
oathsolemn promise; blasphemous use of sacred words to express strong feelings; swear-word; Ex. ``For Christ's sake''