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GRE Word List

This is a list of approximately 4,800 words commonly used in the GRE.

Today's GRE Word is


bossy; domineering and arrogant; decisively important; Ex. overbearing manner/importance; V. overbear: dominate

Random words
gaitmanner of walking or running; speed
recessionwithdrawal; retreat; time of low economic activity
lateralof or coming from the side
contextwritings preceding and following the passage quoted; circumstance in which an event occurs
emancipateset free; liberate
monolithicsolidly uniform; unchangeable; unyielding; N. monolith: large block of stone
prologueintroduction (to a poem or play)
impertinentinsolent; rude; not pertinent; N. impertinence
psychiatristdoctor who treats mental diseases
fleckspot; mark with flecks; N: small mark or spot