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GRE Word List

This is a list of approximately 4,800 words commonly used in the GRE.

Today's GRE Word is


outcry; loud cry or clamor; strong protest; Ex. hue and cry against the new rule

Random words
extraditionsurrender of prisoner by one state to another; Ex. extradition treaty; V. extradite
distendexpand; swell out
podiumpedestal; raised platform
academicrelated to a school; not practical or directly useful
nursesuckle; take care of (as a nurse); bear in mind; Ex. nursing mother; Ex. nurse a hope/grudge against someone
proletarianmember of the working class; blue collar guy; N. proletariat: working class (who have to work for wages)
far-fetchedtoo improbable to be believed; implausible; Ex. far-fetched story
mockridicule; deride; imitate often in derision
petulanttouchy; peevish; ill-tempered
perpetratecommit an offense; do (something wrong)