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Nobel prize winner in Economics uses Python

Published on 09 October 2018

Paul Romer, Nobel Prize winner in Economics, 2018

This year's Nobel prize winner in economics, Paul Romer, uses Python for his work. He's an American economist, and was Chief Economist and Senior Vice President of the World Bank until January 2018. He has also taught as a Professor in economics at New York University. He is also credited with the quote, "A crisis is a terrible thing to waste", which he said during a November 2004 venture-capitalist meeting in California.

Romer has talked about using Python instead of Mathematica. He compares the usage and his experiences of both software. Romer has tried to make his work more transparent and Jupyter notebook was a good fit for him. Jupyter notebooks are web applications that allow programmers and researchers to share code, charts, equations and data. Python is currently the most popular language for data science and statistics. Also, since Jupyter is open source, anyone can look at the code and that allows for more transparency.

Romer believes that open source notebooks such as Jupyter are the way forward to sharing research.

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Created on 09 October 2018

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