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Installing Multimedia in Debian

Published on 01 January 2005

7. Others (multimedia, infrared, bluetooth)

The following command shows all the modules that were loaded.


Sound card

I had no problem with the sound card. The driver i810 was detected correctly and loaded by Debian on startup.

MP3 and other players

apt-get install xmms xine


apt-get install irda-common irda-utils lirc lirc-x xmms-lirc

xmms-lirc is used to remote control the XMMS player (a WinAmp clone) using an infrared device.


Not tested yet! There is no Bluetooth on any of the computers I work on, and I left my Bluetooth USB adapter back in Pennsylvania.

Last Update: 01 January 2005 [Created on 31 January 2005]

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