Which websites use Ezoic, Mediavine and Raptive ad networks?

Published March 26, 2024

This blog post shows you how to find the websites running Ezoic, Mediavine and Raptive (formerly known as AdThrive) advertising network companies. How to get list of websites that use Ezoic, Mediavine and Raptive How to get list of websites that use Ezoic, Mediavine and Raptive

What are Ezoic, Mediavine and Raptive?

Ezoic, Mediavine and Raptive (formerly known as AdThrive) are advertising network companies which are alternatives to AdSense. Publishers and bloggers use them for putting ads on their website. These ad network companies pay much more than AdSense does in terms of page views.

RPM stands for Revenue Per thousand impressions, and is the amount you earn per one thousand page views. Mediavine and Raptive are usually have high RPMs, with Ezoic at third place. Many publishers and bloggers use RPM as an important metric in choosing an ad network.

How do I find the list of publishers?

You will find a list of ad publishers from sellers.json which is usually on the root directory path. Just attach a /sellers.json to the root domain of the website and you may get a JSON string with the list of sellers

The list of Ezoic publishers is located at https://www.ezoic.com/sellers.json

The list of Mediavine publishers is located at https://www.mediavine.com/sellers.json

For some reason, the list of Raptive publishers is located at https://ads.cafemedia.com/sellers.json

What is the structure of sellers.json?

As an example, let us see what a sample entry in sellers.json looks like.

This is Merriam Webster's entry in Raptive / AdThrive's sellers.json.

    "seller_id": "6556473a902ecd61060bc84f",
    "name": "Merriam-Webster Inc.",
    "domain": "merriam-webster.com",
    "seller_type": "PUBLISHER"

Several of these entries are stored as a part of a JSON array under the sellers key.

How to extract a list of name - domain from sellers.json

If you want to create a list of name - domain of all publishers, you have to write a program to parse the JSON output, or use a tool like jq along with curl or wget.

The hierarchical structure is:

sellers -> [{ seller }, { seller }, { seller } ... { seller }]

Using curl and jq, for Ezoic, we do this:

curl -s https://www.ezoic.com/sellers.json | jq -r '.sellers[] | [.name, .domain] | @tsv'

OUTPUT (only the last few Ezoic publishers):

healthfarmvet   healthfarmvet.com
technicalillu   technicalillu.com
englishexpress  englishexpress.pro
indoorgardenmagic   indoorgardenmagic.com
rpscexamgk  rpscexamgk.com
happymomsclub   happymomsclub.com
2bitzone    2bitzone.com
healthandfitness7661    healthandfitness7661.blogspot.com
digitalbeech    digitalbeech.in
enterin enterin.id
buzzed  buzzed.pl
taur stephane   sauces-et-vinaigrettes.fr
rehantech28 rehantech28.blogspot.com
earnmoneyonlineby37 earnmoneyonlineby37.blogspot.com
Explore and Develop, LLC    mugshotsosceola.com
mytechsuggestions   mytechsuggestions.com
naatsurah   naatsurah.com
cssmonster  cssmonster.com
Sports History Group    sportsstorehistory.com
orashi  orashi.com.ng
almawsou3a  almawsou3a.com

Similarly, to get a list of Raptive websites:

curl -s https://ads.cafemedia.com/sellers.json | jq -r '.sellers[] | [.name, .domain] | @tsv'

OUTPUT (only the last few Raptive publishers):

Canyon Crest Media LLC  draftsim.com
Happy Hooligans Inc     happyhooligans.ca
Colin Goldman   lines.com
MAXMYMONEY LLC  maxmymoney.org
Magnify Media Group LLC petsvills.com
Dream Together Media LLC        attractionsmagazine.com
Tom Wahlin      packhacker.com
Devon Weaver    mamacheaps.com
Ilija Damjanovic, s.p.  itsybitsyfun.com
Barry Choi      moneywehave.com
John Hostetler  dollartimes.com
Marie LeBaron   makeandtakes.com
Luke Perrie     competitionplus.com
Jennifer Field  pastrychefonline.com
Errol Lewis     soapoperanetwork.com
Shawna Clark    healthyfoodiegirl.com
CCL Digital, LTD        abcdeelearning.com
Ambition Insight, LLC   acraftedpassion.com

To get a list of Mediavine websites:

curl -s https://www.mediavine.com/sellers.json | jq -r '.sellers[] | [.name, .domain] | @tsv'

OUTPUT (only the last few Mediavine publishers):

Ryan Gunn   potterquizzes.com
Eternal Arrival eternalarrival.com
Giselle Rochford    www.exsloth.com
Vegan On Board  veganonboard.com
Erren Hart  errenskitchen.com
Chenรฉe Today LLC    cheneetoday.com
Ana Zeliฤ‡   anasbakingchronicles.com
Home Fixated    homefixated.com
Alison Gary wardrobeoxygen.com
MySpicyKitchen  myspicykitchen.net
The Third Wheel Teacher, LLC    differentiatedteaching.com
Travels With Elle   travelswithelle.com
Style at a Certain Age, LLC styleatacertainage.com
Deliberately Here   deliberatelyhere.com
712 Digital Marketing, LLC  bonsaimary.com

How to get a CSV file with name - domain fields in Ezoic

Run this command:

curl -s https://www.ezoic.com/sellers.json | jq -r '.sellers[] | [.name, .domain] | @csv' > ezoic_websites.csv

This creates a CSV file called ezoic_websites.csv.

How to get a CSV file with name - domain fields in Mediavine

Run this command:

curl -s https://www.mediavine.com/sellers.json | jq -r '.sellers[] | [.name, .domain] | @csv' > mediavine_websites.csv

This creates a CSV file called mediavine_websites.csv.

How to get a CSV file with name - domain fields in Raptive

Run this command:

curl -s https://ads.cafemedia.com/sellers.json | jq -r '.sellers[] | [.name, .domain] | @csv' > raptive_websites.csv

This creates a CSV file called raptive_websites.csv.

I just want to download the list of websites

Online tool to regularly update Ezoic, Mediavine and Raptive list

These three pages show the most updated list of websites using Ezoic, Mediavine and Raptive ad networks. If you want us to add more networks to this list, please let us know.


If you have more ad network companies and want to get a list of websites using them, please let me know by adding a comment or sending me an email.

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