How to Shorten Amazon Product Links

Published on February 28, 2024

How to shorten Amazon product links How to shorten Amazon product links

Amazon product links can be very long and spammy looking. If you are trying to share an Amazon link with someone or bookmark it, you will notice that there is a lot of fluff and miscellaneous code, most of which is used for different kinds of tracking. You can get rid of all this unnecessary stuff from the product link.

Example of Amazon Product URL

An example of an Amazon product link is this:,aps,83&sr=8-6&th=1&linkCode=sl1&tag=amazon-20&linkId=11036591996443881804e040e7a6e89f&language=en_US&ref_=as_li_ss_tl

This is 280 characters in size! Much more than

Third-party URL shorteners

There are third-party URL shortener services like and others that are short in size and redirect to these longer URLs.

All you have to do is sign up for these services, enter the long URL and you get a shorter URL that you can use. Unfortunately, the shorter URL will not contain the domain in itself.

There is nothing wrong in using these, but if you want the original posted URL to contain the domain name, it adds a sense of legitimacy to your blog post that contains it.

Or if you are emailing or texting someone a link to a third-party URL shortener service, it may be misinterpreted as spam. I would definitely not click on a or or link sent to me.

How do I remove the extra fluff in Amazon URLs?

Start with analyzing this Amazon URL. We are making it fit and word-wrap within the boundary of this blog page for your convenience. But it is actually one long line of 280 characters.,aps,83&sr=8-6&th=1&linkCode=sl1&tag=amazon-20&linkId=11036591996443881804e040e7a6e89f&language=en_US&ref_=as_li_ss_tl

We will extract only the necessary components of this URL.

Find the Amazon Product ID

The product ID is the code immediately after /dp/ and before the question mark?`.

That would be this:


Copy this product ID B01KXHF34W.

Re-create the URL

Now, all you need is this prefix:

Append the product ID to the end of the newly constructed URL in the previous line:

Verify if the product is the same

Test the new product link by copy/pasting it in the browser to see whether it is actually taking you to the same product on

Amazon product with shortened link Amazon product with shortened link

Yes, it is the same product.

Are there other ways to shorten Amazon URLs?

Yes. You can save 2 characters by replacing with It will redirect to

So, your new URL can be

Use our Amazon Product URL Shortener tool

If you are too busy to shorten the Amazon product URL on your own or it's just too much work, feel free to use our Amazon Product Shortener tool.

It works great and gives you the shortest Amazon product link without sacrificing anything other than tracking code and referral information.


You just saved your emails, chat and text messages tens of bytes of space. It may not be much, but at least you didn't walk around with paragraph long links, some of which could give spammy vibes.

If you liked this post or my Amazon Product URL Shortener tool, feel free to share it. Thanks for reading!

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Published on February 28, 2024