How to Delete Connections on LinkedIn Without Them Knowing

Published on January 23, 2024

If you are on LinkedIn and need to delete a connection, it is quite easy. Just go to that connections's profile, click on the More button and select Remove Connection. But then your going to that person's profile will count as a profile visit and they will be able to see that you visited them. What if you want to quietly delete them without them knowing? Read on.

How to delete LinkedIn connection quietly

Occasionally, I do spring cleaning on my LinkedIn contacts. There are various reasons for this. Usually if someone keeps repeatedly spamming me with Calendly invites or "Let's get on a call to discuss this product I'm peddling" messages, they get deleted. I also remove people who post toxic or extremist views; I love diversity and differing opinions in topic discussions, but I would like to keep away from people with racist, xenophobic or bigoted views.

How to delete a LinkedIn connection the regular way

To delete LinkedIn contacts the regular way, first login to LinkedIn. Then, search for that person on the Search box in the top left panel. You may already be on that person's profile. Then, scroll down to the More button and click on it. You will see a drop down as in the screenshot below. Select the Remove Connection option. That person will be deleted from your Linked in connection list.

How to delete LinkedIn connection the regular way

The only disadvantage of this is when you go to that person's profile, he/she will see that you were there earlier, and that you are not a first degree connection anymore.

How to delete a LinkedIn connection quietly

To delete LinkedIn contacts silently, so that they will not know that you went to their profile and deleted them, first login to LinkedIn. Then, click on the My Network icon in the top panel; the one between Home and Jobs. You will see Manage my network on the left panel. Click on Connections.

How to delete LinkedIn connection the silent way

In the Connections page, enter the person's name in the Search by name box and press ENTER, or just wait for 2 seconds. You get a list of connections matching that name.

Click on the three dots corresponding to the person / people that you want to remove and select Remove connection.

Deleting the LinkedIn connection the silent way

Those [former] contacts will not know that they have been deleted from your connection list.


The navigation menu changes from time to time. If this sequence of steps is incorrect or out of date, please contact me. Thanks for reading.

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Published on January 23, 2024