GRE Word List


pertaining to drama; N: actor or actress

The meaning of the word thespian is pertaining to drama; N: actor or actress.

Random words

shampretend; feign; ADJ: not genuine; fake; Ex. sham jewelry; N: something that is not what it appears; impostor; pretense; Ex. The agreement was a sham.
zenithpoint directly overhead in the sky; summit; acme; highest point
perspicacious(of someone) having insight; penetrating; astute
miscellanymixture of writings on various subjects; collection of various items
disabusecorrect a false impression; undeceive; free from a wrong belief
percussionstriking one object against another sharply; Ex. percussion instrument; N: striking together of two bodies; sound caused by percussion
poisegood judgment with composure; balance; V: place in a carefully balanced position
garishoverbright in color; unpleasantly bright; gaudy
beguiledeceive; mislead or delude; cheat; pass time pleasantly; charm or attract; Ex. beguiling smile
aromaticfragrant; having a sweet smell; N. aroma: strong pleasant smell