GRE Word List


to fall into sin or waywardness

The meaning of the word stumble is to fall into sin or waywardness.

Random words

tricksterone who tricks: such as
meddlesomegiven to meddling
cloistera monastic establishment
embraceto clasp in the arms : hug
tanto make (skin) tan especially by exposure to the sun
distinctdistinguishable to the eye or mind as being discrete (see discrete
practicablecapable of being put into practice or of being done or accomplished : feasible
aphasialoss or impairment of the power to use or comprehend words usually resulting from brain damage (as from a stroke, head injury, or infection)
tendentiousmarked by a tendency in favor of a particular point of view : biased
numismatistthe study or collection of coins, tokens, and paper money and sometimes related objects (such as medals)