GRE Word List


having an aversion or lack of concern for political affairs

The meaning of the word apolitical is having an aversion or lack of concern for political affairs.

Random words

maleficientdoing evil; N. maleficience
tonsureshaving of the head especially by person entering religious orders; V.
requisitenecessary requirement; something required; ADJ: required; necessary
nostalgiahomesickness; longing for the past; Ex. nostalgia for the clothes of 1920s; ADJ. nostalgic
steadfaststeadily loyal; unswerving; steady
jettisonthrow overboard (from a ship or plane)
syntheticnot natural; artificial; resulting from synthesis; Ex. synthetic fiber; N.
forbearancepatience; forgiveness; V. forbear: refrain from (in a generous and forgiving way); be patient; Ex. forbear to send him to prison
esteemrespect; value; judge; N.
apologistone who writes in defense of a cause or institution; N. apologia