GRE Word List


outward appearance; costume; Ex. in a new guise

The meaning of the word guise is outward appearance; costume; Ex. in a new guise.

Random words

trappingsoutward decorations; ornaments (as an outward sign of rank)
devisethink up; invent; plan; bequeath; N: bequest
precipitoussteep; overhasty; precipitate
virulent(of a disease or poison) extremely harmful or poisonous; (of a feeling) hostile; bitter; N. virulence; CF. virus; CF. venom
resilientelastic; having the power of springing back; able to recover quickly (as from misfortune)
bereaveddeprived of (someone beloved through death)
hermeticconcerning alchemy or magic; obscure and mysterious; occult
euphoriafeeling of exaggerated or unfounded(ungrounded; baseless) well-being; feeling of great happiness or well-being (when unreasonable); ADJ. euphoriaric
prowessextraordinary ability; military bravery; Ex. prowess in battle