GRE Word List


mismanage; blow

The meaning of the word botch is mismanage; blow.

Random words

perspicuous(of something) plainly expressed; easy to understand; Ex. perspicuous comments
illusionmisleading vision or visual image; false idea or belief; CF. delusion
hysteriaexcessive or uncontrollable excitement; N. hysteric: person suffering from hysteria; CF. hysterics: attack of hysteria
verisimilarhaving the appearance of truth or reality; probable or likely to be true; plausible
adulationflattery; admiration that is more than is necessary or deserved
whimsudden capricious idea; fancy
latitudefreedom from narrow limitations
moresconventions; moral standards; moral customs
encroachmentgradual intrusion; Ex. I resent all these encroachments on my valuable time; V. encroach: take another's possessions or right gradually or stealthily; intrude; Ex. encroach on/upon
queryinquiry; question; V.