GRE Word List


sorcery; magic

The meaning of the word wizardry is sorcery; magic.

Random words

impermeableimpervious; not permitting passage through its substance; impossible to permeate
calamitydisaster; misery
duressforcible restraint, especially unlawfully; coercion by threat; illegal coercion; Ex. a promise made under duress
articulateeffective; distinct; expressing ideas clearly; having clear sounds; having joints; Ex. articulate speech; V: express thoughts and feeling clearly; pronounce clearly; unite by joints
quaintodd in an old-fashioned way; odd; old-fashioned; picturesque
penanceself-imposed punishment for sin; Ex. do penance for one's sins; CF. penitent
inimitablematchless; not able to be imitated
whimsicalcapricious; fanciful; amusingly strange
dozesleep lightly; nap
rakishjaunty; stylish; sporty; morally corrupt; dissolute; Ex. He wore his hat at a rakish and jaunty angle.