GRE Word List


worthless; futile

The meaning of the word nugatory is worthless; futile.

Random words

artfulexhibiting art or skill; deceitful; cunning; CF. artifice
warrentunnels in which rabbits live; overcrowded living area; crowded conditions in which people live
awlpointed tool used for piercing
secessionwithdrawal; V. secede: withdraw formally from membership
distraughtupset; distracted by anxiety; very anxious and troubled almost to the point of madness; Ex. distraught with grief/worry
tricksterperson who cheats people
despoilplunder; sack; Ex. despoil the village
vignettesmall drawing placed at the beginning or end of a chapter; picture; short literary sketch; short written description of a character or scene
tempermoderate; make less severe; tone down or restrain; toughen (steel) as by alternate heating and cooling
tauttight; strained; tense; ready; OP. slack