GRE Word List


a small bag for money

The meaning of the word purse is a small bag for money.

Random words

exigencythat which is required in a particular situation
discursivemoving from topic to topic without order : rambling
luxuriateto grow profusely : thrive
pervasiveexisting in or spreading through every part of something
jetsamthe part of a ship, its equipment, or its cargo that is cast overboard to lighten the load in time of distress and that sinks or is washed ashore
anecdotea usually short narrative of an interesting, amusing, or biographical incident
inebriatedexhilarated or confused by or as if by alcohol : intoxicated
spryable to move quickly, easily, and lightly : nimble
chasma deep cleft in the surface of a planet (such as the earth) : gorge
trajectorythe curve that a body (such as a planet or comet in its orbit or a rocket) describes in space