GRE Word List


bony growth on the head of a deer

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Annoy meaning | Annoy in a Sentence | Most common words in English #shorts

The meaning of the word antler is bony growth on the head of a deer.

Random words

soberserious; solemn; not drunken; abstemious or temperate; V: make or become sober
travestycopy or example of something that completely misrepresents the true nature of the real thing; comical parody or imitation; treatment aimed at making something appear ridiculous; Ex. travesty of justice; OP. paragon
meretriciousflashy; tawdry; attractive on the surface but of no real value; Ex. metericious argument/jewel; CF. prostitute
transposereverse the order or position of
codaconcluding section of a musical or literary composition
notchV-shaped cut in a surface; V.
railcomplain bitterly; scold; rant; Ex. the weaker railing against injustices
mercantileconcerning trade or merchants
bombardmentattack (as with missiles or bombs); V. bombard
ruthlesspitiless; merciless; cruel