GRE Word List


one who installs and repairs pipes and plumbing(pipes)

The meaning of the word plumber is one who installs and repairs pipes and plumbing(pipes).

Random words

cavilquibble; make frivolous objections; find fault unnecessarily
scholarlyfull of learning; erudite; like a scholar; Ex. scholarly journal
supersedereplace; cause to be set aside; make obsolete; N. supersession
integralcomplete; necessary for completeness; Ex. integral part
crossbreedhybridize; N: hybrid; CF. interbreed; CF. inbreed
daubsmear (as with paint); cover with something sticky; Ex. daub one's clothes with mud/paint; N: small bit of sticky substance; Ex. a daub of paint
tightwadmiser; excessively frugal person
leave-takingfarewell or departure
religiousof religion; (of a person) pious; having reverence for a deity