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GRE Word List


inquiry; question; V.

The meaning of the word query is inquiry; question; V..

Random words

homelynot good-looking; unattractive
archetypeprototype; primitive pattern
inuredaccustomed; hardened; Ex. inured to the Alaskan cold; V. inure: make used to something undesirable; harden; CF. unfeeling
imbecilityweakness of mind; state of being an imbecile; N. imbecile: stupid person; fool
ascriberefer; attribute; assign
statutorycreated by statute or legislative action; regulated by statute; Ex. statutory age limit
anecdoteshort story of an amusing or interesting event
censor(in ancient Rome) overseer of morals (also taking the census); person who eliminates inappropriate matter; V.
enervateweaken; take away energy from