GRE Word List


inquiry; question; V.

The meaning of the word query is inquiry; question; V..

Random words

importunateurging; always demanding; troublesomely urgent or persistent
omnipresentuniversally present; ubiquitous
pragmaticpractical (as opposed to idealistic); concerned with practical worth or impact of something; Ex. pragmatic test of the skill
manifoldmany in number or kind; numerous; varied
fugitivefleeting or transitory; lasting only a short time; roving(wandering); running away or fleeing as from the law; N: one who flees; Ex. fugitives at large
traversego through or across
glibfluent (with insincerity or superficiality); facile; slick
effectualable to produce a desired effect; valid
mayheminjury to body; crime of willfully maiming or crippling a person; violent disorder; Ex. mayhem in the zoo; CF. maim
scorchsear; N.