GRE Word List


annoying; tedious; V. irk: annoy

The meaning of the word irksome is annoying; tedious; V. irk: annoy.

Random words

chanttune(melody) in which a number of words are sung on the same note; V: sing (a chant); utter (a slogan) in the manner of a chant
filialpertaining to or befitting a son or daughter; Ex. filial respect
connubialpertaining to marriage or the matrimonial state
quiescentdormant; temporarily inactive; at rest; N. quiescence
pratetalk idly; speak foolishly; boast idly
reticentinclined to silence; uncommunicative; reserved; Ex. He was reticent about the reasons; N. reticence
uproarnoisy confusion
siltsediment deposited by running water (at the entrance to a harbor or by a bend in a river)
penchantstrong inclination; strong liking (esp. for something that is disapproved of by other people); Ex. penchant for fast cars
astralrelating to the stars