GRE Word List


confuse thoroughly

The meaning of the word befuddle is confuse thoroughly.

Random words

taxonomistspecialist in classifying (animals, etc.); CF. taxonomy: science of classification
aversereluctant; disinclined; not liking or opposed; Ex. averse to cats/doing the house work
factiousinclined to form factions; causing dissension
nirvanain Buddhist teachings, the ideal state in which the individual loses himself in the attainment of an impersonal beatitude
intangiblenot able to be perceived by touch; vague
eschewavoid habitually; Ex. eschew alcoholic drinks
pervertcorrupt; turn from right to wrong; misuse; Ex. perverted sexual desire/scientific knowledge; N: person whose sexual behavior is not natural
exasperatevex; annoy or make angry (by testing the patience)
anonymitystate of being nameless; anonymousness; ADJ. anonymous