GRE Word List


to put out of sight : secrete

The meaning of the word hide is to put out of sight : secrete.

Random words

wiggleto move to and fro with quick jerky or shaking motions : jiggle
tenuoushaving little substance or strength : flimsy
topographythe art or practice of graphic delineation in detail usually on maps or charts of natural and man-made features of a place or region especially in a way to show their relative positions and elevations
primatea bishop who has precedence in a province, a group of provinces, or a nation
quirkan abrupt twist or curve
blackballto vote against
scrapfragments of discarded or leftover food
analgesican agent producing diminished sensation to pain without loss of consciousness : a drug that is used to relieve pain and produce analgesia
frittera small mass of fried or sautรฉed batter often containing fruit or meat