GRE Word List


ghostly; N. specter: spectre; ghost; phantom

The meaning of the word spectral is ghostly; N. specter: spectre; ghost; phantom.

Random words

prehensilecapable of grasping or holding (esp. by wrapping around); Ex. prehensile tails
condescend(derog.) bestow courtesies with a superior air; descend to the level of one considered inferior
covetousavaricious; desirous of (someone else's possessions); V. covet: desire eagerly (someone else's possessions)
monolithicsolidly uniform; unchangeable; unyielding; N. monolith: large block of stone
thematicof a theme; relating to a unifying motif or idea
subtletyperceptiveness; ingenuity; delicacy; ADJ. subtle: delicate; so slight as to be difficult to detect; able to make fine distinctions; clever; Ex. subtle mind/differences in meaning
superfluousexcessive; overabundant; unnecessary; N. superfluity
parisharea in the care of a single priest and served by one main church
kneelgo down on one's knee(s)
clapperstriker (tongue) of a bell