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GRE Word List


confuse; upset; embarrass; perturb

The meaning of the word disconcert is confuse; upset; embarrass; perturb.

Random words

lopegallop slowly
fructifybear fruit; produce fruit
habitatnatural home of a plant or animal; CF. habitation
gambitopening in chess in which a piece is sacrificed; action made to produce a future advantage
inebriatemake drunk; intoxicate; N. intoxicated person
synchronoussimilarly timed; simultaneous with; occurring at the same time; V. synchronize
harrowingagonizing; distressing; traumatic; V. harrow: break up and level (soil) with a harrow; inflict great distress on; agonize; N: farming machine to break up the earth
mantleloose sleeveless outer garment; cloak; something that covers or envelops; the layer of the earth between the crust and the core
maceratesoften by soaking in liquid; waste away; Ex. macerate powdered wood to make paper
exhilaratinginvigorating and refreshing; cheering; V. exhilarate: make cheerful and excited; Ex. exhilarated by the ride in the sports car