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GRE Word List


hairy; having a lot of hair

Spring Vocabulary In English

The meaning of the word hirsute is hairy; having a lot of hair.

Random words

efficacypower to produce desired effect; ADJ. efficacious: effectual
umbrageresentment; anger; sense of injury or insult; Ex. take umbrage at his rudeness
sextantnavigation tool used to determine a ship's latitude and longitude (by measuring the altitudes of stars)
kindlestart a fire; ignite; inspire; arouse
insatiablenot easily satisfied; unquenchable; Ex. insatiable appetite
nectardrink of the gods; sweet liquid collected by bees
institutioninstituting; (building for the) organization; established custom, practice, or relationship in a society; mental hospital; Ex. institution of marriage
healthfulconducive to good health; Ex. healthful mountain air
chalicegoblet; consecrated cup
scavengehunt through discarded materials for usable items or food; search, especially for food; N. scavenger: one who scavenges; animal that feeds on refuse and carrion