GRE Word List


the stage of an ancient Greek or Roman theater

The meaning of the word proscenium is the stage of an ancient Greek or Roman theater.

Random words

bargainan agreement between parties settling what each gives or receives in a transaction between them or what course of action or policy each pursues in respect to the other
burlesquea literary or dramatic work that seeks to ridicule by means of grotesque exaggeration or comic imitation
chaplaina clergyman in charge of a chapel
fawningseeking or used to seek approval or favor by means of flattery
adornto enhance the appearance of especially with beautiful objects
unprepossessingnot tending to create a favorable impression : not prepossessing
paramountsuperior to all others : supreme
aproposbeing both relevant and opportune
imputeto lay the responsibility or blame for (something) often falsely or unjustly
consternationamazement or dismay that hinders or throws into confusion