GRE Word List


part of stage in front of curtain; front arch of a stage

The meaning of the word proscenium is part of stage in front of curtain; front arch of a stage.

Random words

burlesquegive an imitation that ridicules; imitate mockingly
tintslight degree of color; V: give a tint to
solacecomfort in sorrow or trouble; consolation; V: comfort or console in time of sorrow or trouble
sanguineoptimistic; cheerful; hopeful; of the color of blood; red
brazeninsolent; without shame; bold; Ex. brazen lie; V: face with bold self-assurance or with unshamed confidence
indicessigns; indications; Ex. indices of a student's potential; CF. index: something that reveals or indicates; sign; Ex. cost-of-living index
eonlong period of time; an age; longest division of geologic time containing two or more eras
codifyarrange (laws or rules) as a code; classify; N. code: system of words used instead of ordinary writing; collection of laws, rules, established social customs
obliviousinattentive or unmindful; unaware; wholly absorbed; forgetful(having the habit of forgetting)