GRE Word List


transform; change; convert to something different

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The meaning of the word transmute is transform; change; convert to something different.

Random words

nectardrink of the gods; sweet liquid collected by bees
equilibriumbalance of opposing forces; balance of the mind; equanimity
surrogatesubstitute; person or thing used in place of another; Ex. surrogate mother; ADJ.
malapropismcomic misuse of a word; CF. Mrs. Malaprop
deduciblederived by reasoning; V. deduce: infer; derive by reasoning
rebuttalrefutation; response with contrary evidence; V. rebut: refute; disprove
glaciallike a glacier; of an ice age; extremely cold; Ex. glacial epoch; CF. iceberg
frailweak; N. frailty
fiendevil spirit; devil