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GRE Word List


steadiness of effort; persistent hard work

The meaning of the word diligence is steadiness of effort; persistent hard work.

Random words

seminalrelated to seed or semen; germinal; creative; providing a basis for further development; influencing future developments; Ex. seminal research in a new field
emendcorrect (usually a text); N. emendation: correction of errors; improvement
pulmonarypertaining to the lungs
appraiseestimate value of; N. appraisal
mitevery small object or insect-like creature; small coin
trektravel; journey; V: make a long difficult journey
puerilechildish; immature; CF. puer: boy
supplicantone who supplicates; ADJ.
germinatecause to sprout; sprout
lucideasily understood; clear; intelligible; N. lucidity