GRE Word List


tear made by rending; rip; split

The meaning of the word rent is tear made by rending; rip; split.

Random words

extenuateweaken; mitigate; lessen the seriousness of (bad behavior)
usurpseize another's power or rank (without legal authority); supplant; appropriate; N. usurpation; CF. take for one's own use
optionalnot compulsory; left to one's choice; N. option: act of choosing; choice; freedom or power to choose; something available as a choice; Ex. have no option; Ex. two options
vitrioliccausing sharp pain to the mind; caustic; corrosive; sarcastic; of vitriol; N. vitriol: sulphuric acid (which burns flesh deeply); bitterly abusive expression; caustic expression; CF. glass
generalityvague statement; general statement which is not detailed; quality of being general; greater part; most; Ex. generality of people
chucklelaugh quietly
arch-chief; first; Ex. archbishop
reticentinclined to silence; uncommunicative; reserved; Ex. He was reticent about the reasons; N. reticence
convokecall together; Ex. convoke Parliament; N. convocation
animushostile feeling or intent; animosity; hostility; disposition