GRE Word List


doctrine; dogma

The meaning of the word tenet is doctrine; dogma.

Random words

knolllittle round hill; hillock
vignettesmall drawing placed at the beginning or end of a chapter; picture; short literary sketch; short written description of a character or scene
affirmationpositive assertion; confirmation; solemn pledge by one who refuses to take an oath; V. affirm; ADJ. affirmative; CF. affirmative action: positive discrimination
modishfashionable; conforming to the current fashion
concentrichaving a common center
stemstop or check (the flow of); Ex. stem the bleeding from the slashed artery; N: main axis of a plant; stalk
whelpyoung animal (esp. of the dog or cat family); young wolf, dog, tiger, etc.
illusionmisleading vision or visual image; false idea or belief; CF. delusion
exceptionableobjectionable; likely to cause dislike; offensive; CF. unexceptionable: entirely acceptable