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GRE Word List


revere; treat with great respect

The meaning of the word venerate is revere; treat with great respect.

Random words

tithetax of one-tenth (contributed to a church); V: pay a tithe
harassannoy by repeated attacks
inceptionstart; beginning
temperamentcharacteristic frame of mind; disposition; emotional excess; ADJ. temperamental: of temperament; having frequent changes of temper; Ex. temperamental dislike of sports; Ex. temperamental actress
blareloud or harsh roar or screech; dazzling blaze of light
iridescentexhibiting rainbowlike colors; Ex. iridescent oil slick; N. iridescence
descrycatch sight of (something distant)
incompatibleinharmonious; N. incompatibility
flaystrip off skin; plunder; remove the skin from; criticize harshly
tillerhandle used to move boat's rudder (to steer)

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