GRE Word List


gigantic; N. titan

The meaning of the word titanic is gigantic; N. titan.

Random words

carafeglass water bottle; decanter
vagabondwanderer (without a permanent home); tramp
mantleloose sleeveless outer garment; cloak; something that covers or envelops; the layer of the earth between the crust and the core
bilioussuffering from indigestion; sick from having too much bile; irritable; easily irritated
apostateone who abandons his religious faith or political beliefs; N. apostasy
broochornamental clasp; pin
ambulatoryable to walk
gorybloody; N. gore: blood (from a wound)
blasebored with pleasure or dissipation; uninterested or bored
proselytize(induce someone to) convert to a religion or belief; N. proselyte: new convert to a doctrine or religion