GRE Word List


having or exhibiting iridescence

The meaning of the word iridescent is having or exhibiting iridescence.

Random words

censoriousmarked by or given to censure (see censure
sheatheto put into or furnish with a sheath
boorishresembling or befitting a rude or insensitive person : resembling or befitting a boor
granulateto form or crystallize into grains or granules
inceptionan act, process, or instance of beginning : commencement
serpentineof or resembling a serpent (as in form or movement)
mantlea loose sleeveless garment worn over other clothes : cloak
avuncularsuggestive of an uncle especially in kindliness or geniality
taxonomistthe study of the general principles of scientific classification : systematics
satyra sylvan deity in Greek mythology having certain characteristics of a horse or goat and fond of Dionysian revelry