GRE Word List


power of endurance; strength; staying power

The meaning of the word stamina is power of endurance; strength; staying power.

Random words

corpusclered or white cell in the blood
behemothhuge creature; something of monstrous size or power
jauntycheerful and pleased with life; lighthearted; animated; easy and carefree; dapper in appearance; Ex. jaunty person/hat
frivolouslacking in seriousness; flippant; self-indulgently carefree; unworthy of serious attention; relatively unimportant; trivial
unwontedunaccustomed; unusual; Ex. He arrived with unwonted punctuality.
perversioncorruption; turning from right to wrong
collectedcomposed; calm; self-possessed
putriddecayed and foul-smelling; foul; rotten; decayed; N. putridity
reconnaissancesurvey of enemy by soldiers; reconnoitering; V. reconnoiter: make a preliminary inspection of (esp. to gather military information)
gratuitousgiven freely; unwarranted; uncalled for; done without good reason; Ex. gratuitous comment