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GRE Word List


pompous array of words; too many unnecessary words; wordiness

The meaning of the word verbiage is pompous array of words; too many unnecessary words; wordiness.

Random words

presumptuousgoing beyond what is right; excessively forward; arrogant; taking liberties
impostureassuming a false identity; masquerade; CF. impostor
demoticof or pertaining to the people
irrepressibleunable to be restrained or held back; impossible to hold back
frugalitythrift; economy; ADJ. frugal: practicing economy; costing little; inexpensive
threadbareworn through till the threads show; shabby and poor; hackneyed; Ex. threadbare excuses
catapultslingshot; hurling machine; V: fire from catapult
pratetalk idly; speak foolishly; boast idly
mortarvessel in which substances are crushed with a pestle
fortitudebravery; courage; strength of mind