GRE Word List


peaceful; calm; Ex. placid child/lake

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The meaning of the word placid is peaceful; calm; Ex. placid child/lake.

Random words

flicklight stroke as with a whip; V: move with a light quick blow; strike with a light quick blow (as from a whip); Ex. flick the switch
mosaicpicture made of small colorful inlaid tiles; ADJ.
dispiritedlacking in spirit
distillrefine (a liquid by evaporating and subsequent condensation); concentrate; separate the most important parts from; Ex. distill fresh water from sea water; CF. brew
feasiblepractical; able to be carried out; practicable
inimical(of someone) unfriendly; hostile; (of something) harmful; detrimental; CF. enemy
hapchance; luck
corporealbodily (rather than spiritual); of a bodily form; material; tangible
satesatisfy to the full; satisfy to excess; cloy
clemencydisposition to be lenient in deciding punishments; mildness as of the weather; ADJ. clement