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GRE Word List


anger at an injustice; Ex. righteous indignation; ADJ. indignant

The meaning of the word indignation is anger at an injustice; Ex. righteous indignation; ADJ. indignant.

Random words

ferventardent; zealous; hot
triviatrifles; unimportant matters
seminaryschool for training future ministers; secondary school, especially for young women
rapportclose relationship; emotional closeness; harmony
dissertationformal essay; treatise
preemptprevent in advance; head off(forestall); forestall by acting first; appropriate for oneself before others; supplant; take the place of; displace; Ex. preempt any attempts; ADJ. preemptive
reproachblame (not angrily but sadly); express disapproval or disappointment; N. ADJ. reproachful
regattaboat or yacht race
vegetatelive in a monotonous way (without interests or activity); CF. vegetation: plants of an area; CF. vegetarian; CF. vegan
defiancerefusal to yield; resistance; V. defy; ADJ. defiant