GRE Word List


pompous demeanor, speech, or behavior

The meaning of the word pomposity is pompous demeanor, speech, or behavior.

Random words

discordlack of agreement or harmony (as between persons, things, or ideas)
morguea place where the bodies of dead persons are kept temporarily pending identification or release for burial or autopsy
vigilantalertly watchful especially to avoid danger
abominateto hate or loathe intensely : abhor
collationa light meal allowed on fast days in place of lunch or supper
misgivingsa feeling of doubt or suspicion especially concerning a future event
dotagea state or period of senile decay marked by decline of mental poise and alertness
representationalone that represents: such as
captiousmarked by an often ill-natured inclination to stress faults and raise objections
sapthe fluid part of a plant