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GRE Word List


disentangle; solve

The meaning of the word unravel is disentangle; solve.

Random words

constituencyvoters represented by an elected official; district so represented; group of supporters (or constituents)
scintillatesparkle; flash; be animated; be full of life; Ex. scintillating conversation
retarddelay (in development); ADJ. retarded: (as of a child) slower in development
aggregatesum; total; ADJ. V: gather into a mass or whole; accumulate; add up to; Ex. aggregate 100 dollars
chaoticin utter disorder
renegadedeserter; traitor; ADJ.
papyrusancient paper made from stem of papyrus plant
convivialpleasantly merry; festive; joyous; gay; characterized by joviality; jovial
indictcharge; N. indictment
rosterlist (of names)