GRE Word List


make slight sounds like silk moving or being rubbed together

The meaning of the word rustle is make slight sounds like silk moving or being rubbed together.

Random words

cognitivehaving to do with knowing or perceiving related to the mental processes; N. cognition: the mental process of knowing
entranceput under a spell(condition caused by magical power); carry away(fill with strong feeling) with emotion; put into a trance; fill with delight
fatalismbelief that events are determined by forces or fates beyond one's control; ADJ. fatalistic; CF. fatal: causing death
groomman employed to take care of horses; V: make neat and trim; clean and brush (an animal)
unseemlyunbecoming; not proper in behavior; indecent; Ex. leave with unseemly haste
hurlthrow forcefully; shout out violently
sciondetached plant shoot used in grafting; descendant
incrustationhard coating or crust; V. incrust: encrust; cover with a crust
discursive(of a person or writing) digressing; rambling (without any clear plan)
adeptexpert at; very skilled